We provide a complex legal service mostly in ranges of civil and business law, family, labour, building, school, tax and European law including an attestation of signature. Legal custodies are also available.

Civil law


  • contract law
    • sale contract, gift covenant, contract for work, brokerage contract
    • lease contracts (flats and non-residential premises)
  • real estates (in Czech Republic and in abroad)
    • deed of sale and gift covenant
    • proceedings at Land Register Office
    • easement
    • joint ownership
    • right of lien
  • liability for damage, unjust enrichment
  • inheritance procedure
  • debt collection
  • damages

Commercial law

  • company law
    • joint-stock company, cooperative, limited/ordinary/specific partnership
    • society
    • legal establishment, legal changes
    • reduction/increase of a basic capital
    • Trades Licensing Office, Companies Register
  • entrepreneurs
    • guarantee every legal business for entrepreneurs
  • founding trading companies
  • contract law
    • sale contracts, sale and lease contracts on enterprises, contracts on storage, contracts of work, contracts of mandate, brokerage contracts and others
    • securing an obligation, liability for damage
  • damages
  • cooperative and their internal relations including housing cooperative

Family law

  • divorce
  • settlement of tenancy by entirety of married couples
  • child rearing
  • alimony
  • adjustment of relation with child
  • solution of family relationship in the area of international law

Labour law

  • finalization of an employment
  • industrial a dispute
  • damages incurred in an employment



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